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Betty Anne Guadalupe, Long Arm Quilter

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Welcome to Guadalupe Designs

I am very excited to now have a blog where I can share samples of my own textile creations and my long-arm quilting for my customers. Please check out the pages on my blog to include A Quilting Journey, My Textile Creations, and Customer Quilts.

I consider the work I do with my customers as a “collaboration” – they have the vision, select the fabrics, create the quilts through original design or published patterns, and then as the final touch, my long-arm quilting adds the quilting that enhances their creations. On many quilts I used unique original designs that I custom create for each customer’s quilt.

More to come on this blog. I will close my first post with a very “Betty Anne” look – a photograph of a section of my outfit for an evening out with my quilting friends.


Betty Anne Guadalupe